The Blind Goddess


Time Out says

Apapted from a play by Sir Patrick Hastings, this class-bound courtroom drama is utterly of its time, what with its nice young hero ('Darling, I've been a blithering idiot'), its masterful King's Counsel ('I object - to nothing'), its sternly impartial judge. Add Maurice Denham and Thora Hird as the servant class ('Cook would like a word, ma'am'), plus the thought that rock'n'roll was still eight years away, and you catch a glimpse of the hell that must have been 1948. Of mild interest are Portman's delivery, a cadenced gabble, with words hurtling into one another like a motorway pile-up; and the way in which, having dared to make Lord and Lady Brasted the stop-at-nothing villains, the writers still can't forbear from finding them really rather admirable and splendid. The title refers to Justice.


Release details

87 mins

Cast and crew

Harold French
Muriel Box, Sydney Box
Eric Portman
Michael Denison
Claire Bloom
Anne Crawford
Hugh Williams
Frank Cellier
Clive Morton
Maurice Denham
Thora Hird
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