The Bobo

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

A sourly unfunny comedy, set in Spain (local colour has the characters lisping when talking about Barthelona), with Sellers as a singing matador and Ekland as a gold-digging floozie. The ghastly plot calls for the impoverished Sellers to seduce the mercenary Ekland within three days to win a bet (his prize, the contract he yearns for as a professional crooner). He does so, at great length. Inevitably but improbably, the pair fall in love; and an even ghastlier finale has Ekland discovering the truth, Sellers performing a noble act of self-sacrifice, and bitter-sweetness reigning on the screen. Even more embarrassing than Sellers' efforts to be funny is the realisation that he is trying to be moving too.


Release details

103 mins

Cast and crew

Robert Parrish
David R Schwartz
Peter Sellers
Britt Ekland
Rossano Brazzi
Adolfo Celi
Hattie Jacques
Ferdy Mayne
Kenneth Griffith
John Wells