The Brighton Strangler

Film, Thrillers

Time Out says

Good old amnesia gets a none too convincing outing as Loder, star of a play called The Brighton Strangler in London's West End, gets hit on the head when the theatre is bombed in an airraid on closing night, and revives - presumed killed - under the impression that he is the character he played for 300 performances. Ingenious plotting gets him to Brighton in circumstances similar enough to the play to keep him on the rails; and the script is ruthless enough to have him bring off a couple of garrottings before reality catches up with him. Nosseck keeps things moving along smoothly enough, despite an irritating penchant for little 'mood' montages (generally when Loder's mind stutters between fiction and reality); but the credibility quotient, already low, is not improved by studio sets and backdrops which make what is supposedly happening in real life look very much like theatrical artifice.

By: TM


Release details

67 mins

Cast and crew

Max Nosseck
Arnold Phillips, Max Nosseck
John Loder
June Duprez
Michael St Angel
Miles Mander
Rose Hobart
Gilbert Emery
Ian Wolfe
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