The Brothers Karamazov


Time Out says

Given essentially theatrical performances, Dostoevsky's tale - of the tensions and ties between three sons of a divisive father - comes across as akin to Grand Soap Opera, while the brown-rich Soviet colour stock, the wooden buildings and the 19th century outfits lend an aura reminiscent of '50s Gothic Westerns. Most of the characters are delightfully sozzled, brooding deeply over thoughts of murderous passion or hopes of saintly redemption, and lamenting things like, 'Beauty is terrible! A clash of good and evil fought out on the battlefield of the human heart!' This refers to the effect good-time girl Grusha has on old Karamazov and his son Dimitri. It's Dimitri's jealousy, and his resentment at getting the short straw with an inheritance, that sparks tragic events. Through the misery these events bring, Dimitri and his two brothers are finally united - in guilt. And there's a twist! Overlong, but fun.


Release details

220 mins

Cast and crew

Ivan Pyriev
Ivan Pyriev
Mikhail Ulianov
Lionella Pyrieva
Kiril Lavrov
Andrei Myahkov
Marc Prudkin
Leonela Skirda
Svetlana Korkoshko
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