The Burmese Harp


Time Out says

Lyrical and rather ostentatiously humanist, Ichikawa's film tells of a Japanese soldier in Burma, so appalled by the bloody carnage of war that he refuses to return home after his country's defeat, and stays on, garbed as a Buddhist monk, to bury the dead. If the film was clearly a sincere castigation of the militarist fervour that swept Japan during the war, it nevertheless suffers from its rather deliberate heart-warming tone and a too leisurely pace that tends to over-emphasise moments of pathos. That said, it is hard not to be swayed by the pacifist sentiments.


Release details

116 mins

Cast and crew

Kon Ichikawa
Natto Wada
Shoji Yasui
Rentaro Mikuni
Tatsuya Mihashi
Tanie Kitabayashi
Yunosuke Ito
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