The Cage


Time Out says

Though only 25-years-old, Anne (Ducey) has spent seven years in prison for murder. The film opens with her release. Aware it will take time to adjust, and that many will see her as a monster, she concludes there's one thing she must do before she can consider herself truly free. So begins a difficult odyssey. With its long takes, spare dialogue and low key performances, it takes a while to reach the bitter confrontation that constitutes its climax, but the journey - both geographical (into the Provençal Alps) and spiritual - is so richly rewarding that the force of the later scenes derives from the understatement of what preceded them. There's fine naturalistic work from the cast - especially Ducey (from Romance) - but it's writer/director Raoust's assured control of mood and eloquent use of Hélène Louvart's magnificent landscape photography that make the film mesmerisingly beautiful.


Release details

101 mins

Cast and crew

Alain Raoust
Alain Raoust
Caroline Ducey
Roger Souza
Maryvonne Shiltz
Jean Noel Gayte
Beppe Clerici
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