The Calcium Kid


Time Out says

When British contender Pete Wright (Hassan) is KO'd from a title fight with world champ Jose Mendes (Peña), dodgy boxing manager Herbie Bush (Djalili) decides to shove unknown milkman Jimmy Connelly (Bloom) into the ring. This mock-doc Rocky starts punchily enough with Snatch-style jab'n'jump-cuts and authentic South London settings, then proceeds at milk-van pace, as first time director de Rakoff milks every cliché in the cowshed. The characters are cartoonish and, with few exceptions, unengaging. Jimmy has a punchable gormless naivety that makes Norman Wisdom look like a meatpacking pimp. Billie Piper's role as the love interest is skimmed back to just four lines, though her famously large teeth are a terrific testimonial to the former Milk Marketing Board, for which this is a gold-top-tastic advert.


Release details

89 mins

Cast and crew

Alex de Rakoff
Raymond Friel, Derek Boyle, Alex de Rakoff
Orlando Bloom
Omid Djalili
Michael Lerner
Michael Peña
Tamer Hassan
Rafe Spall
Mark Heap
Frank Harper
Lyndsey Marshal
David Kelly
Billie Piper
Ronni Ancona
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