The Camera: Je


Time Out says

This self-portrait of the artist in 1976/77 achieved through subjective camera technique, is actually a kind of diptych. On one side, a photographic session with a series of interesting subjects, some relaxed, some tense and reluctant, whose encounters with the camera emerge as a power struggle, a remorseless battle of wills. On the other, an interminable tour through New York on a clear winter's day, snapping random images of street corners and skyscrapers. Designed to set up a number of dichotomies (people/cityscapes, interior/exterior, stasis/movement, flatness/depth of field), it all has a sort of satisfying symmetry, but doesn't entirely escape degenerating into a sterile academic exercise.

By: SJo


Release details

88 mins

Cast and crew

Babette Mangolte
Babette Mangolte
Chantal Akerman
Lucinda Childs
Epp Kotkas
Kim Ginsberg
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