The Cat and the Canary

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

From the thunderstorm to the old dark house in which no item of furniture can be trusted not to conceal a secret passage, predictability is the keynote to this fifth remake of John Willard's play. It's obvious from the start whodunit; so the cast are much given to eye-rolling and chilling smiles, either to throw one off the scent or to disguise their embarrassment, for this adaptation is so turgidly faithful that one expects the entire lot (mauled bodies and all) to take a bow as the credits roll.

By: FF


Release details

98 mins

Cast and crew

Radley Metzger
Radley Metzger
Honor Blackman
Michael Callan
Edward Fox
Wendy Hiller
Olivia Hussey
Beatrix Lehmann
Carol Lynley
Daniel Massey
Peter McEnery
Wilfrid Hyde-White
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