The Ceremony


Time Out says

A thinly disguised commentary on Japan's post-war history, using ceremonial family gatherings (mainly weddings and funerals) as a key to the changes in Japanese society: individual characters represent specific political factions, just as events in the narrative mirror the twists and turns in the country's domestic and foreign policies. However dense the allegory, though, Oshima keeps it very accessible to his audience by stressing individuals' feelings as much as ceremonies; their dreams, aspirations, frustrations and agonies are all too familiar. A significant political film for the time.

By: TR


Release details

121 mins

Cast and crew

Nagisa Oshima
Tsutomo Tamura, Nagisa Oshima, Mamoru Sasaki
Kenzo Kawarazaki
Atsuo Nakamura
Akiko Koyama
Atsoku Kaku
Kiyoshi Tsuchiya
Kei Sato
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