The Chase


Time Out says

Jack Hammond (Sheen), an escaped, falsely convicted bank-robber, jump starts his romance with unhappy heiress Natalie (Swanson) by abducting her from a gas station. The daughter of Dalton Voss (Wise), the Donald Trump of California, she's none too pleased - even less so when father offers a paltry ransom and turns her live-on-TV kidnap into a travelling media circus. As the ill-matched couple settle their differences and get better acquainted, the growing convoy of cop cars and outside-broadcast vans nears the Mexican border and freedom...or, perhaps, a dead end. Swanson displays fine dental work and a synthetic 'attitude', mostly whining on about what a drag it is to be rich, so only rock'n'roll hardman Henry Rollins, as a standard-issue cop and blasé star of 'reality TV', makes any lasting impression. Unroadworthy.


Release details

94 mins

Cast and crew

Adam Rifkin
Adam Rifkin
Charlie Sheen
Kristy Swanson
Ray Wise
Josh Mostel
Wayne Grace
Rocky Carroll
Henry Rollins
Cary Elwes
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