The Colossus of Rhodes

Film, Action and adventure

Time Out says

By the time Leone was thirty, he'd worked on well over 50 muscle-and-sweat sagas, including Helen of Troy, Quo Vadis? and the chariot scene in Ben Hur. The Colossus of Rhodes was his first attempt at direction, and it was a film remarkable enough, at a time when the peplums had just about reached the end of their particular line, to warrant good notices for its crowd and spectacle scenes. (The Colossus itself is a sophisticated torture chamber hidden behind a persuasively artsy exterior.) After the film's success, Leone turned down attempts to channel him into the manufacture of superman heroics in the Maciste mode, and went back to 2nd Unit work on Aldrich's Sodom and Gomorrah.


Release details

127 mins

Cast and crew

Sergio Leone
Sergio Leone, Ennio De Concini, Luciano Martino, Ageo Gavioli, Cesare Seccia, Luciano Chitarrini, Carlo Gualtieri, Duccio Tessari
Rory Calhoun
Lea Massari
Georges Marchal
Mabel Karr
Conrado San Martin
Angel Aranda
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