The Colour of Love


Time Out says

He's a romantic music student from an old, well off Hispanic family; she's a ballet dancer, the daughter of a vet, and black. They meet cute - coy smiles a-plenty- in her mum's surgery after the shell of his tortoise is cracked in an accident (a typical metaphor), but true love runs anything but smooth due to prejudice and snobbery. This racial take on Romeo and Juliet might mean something in Caracas (though are Venezuelan bigots really quite so forthright as here?), but it's unsubtle and predictable. The depiction of artistic sensitivity is particularly risible.

By: GA


Release details

90 mins

Cast and crew

Oscar Lucien
Indhira Serrano
Gabriel Blanco
Eileen Abad
Luke Grande
Andreina Blanco
Sara Sanders
Ana María Pagliaci
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