The Colour of Paradise

Film, Family and kids

Time Out says

We first encounter the blind Mohammad (Ramezani, extraordinary) at a special school in Teheran, waiting for the arrival of his widower father at the end of term. When the man finally turns up, he tries to persuade the teachers to keep the boy, since the burden of looking after such a child is severely straining his meagre resources. Keen to remarry, the father considers keeping Mohammad out of the picture rather than risk scaring off a prospective bride. Writer/director Majidi shoots the boy with true, clear-eyed matter of factness. The characters' relationship with the divine is the meat of the matter: the father wonders whether the Almighty has deserted him by giving him such a child; the son feels he has spent his whole life reaching out for God without finding him. A considerable advance on Majidi's sugary Children of Heaven, this is a passionate investigation of faith tested in adversity, communicated with straightforward eloquence.

By: TJ


Release details

90 mins

Cast and crew

Majid Majidi
Majid Majidi
Hossein Mahjub
Mohsen Ramezani
Salime Feiza
Farnaz Saffati
Elham Sharifi
Behzad Rafice
Mohamad Rahmani
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