The Consul

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

A frustratingly dry black comedy which satirises bureaucracy, hypocrisy and greed (what else?) as it follows an ingenious and daring con-man around modern Poland. Fronczewski's performance as the eponymous hero is subtly modulated and appropriately charismatic, while the slow-to-start story, which eventually sees him pose as a nonexistent Austrian diplomat, is fascinating enough in a House of Games kind of way. But the whole could have benefited from more ebullient direction; as it is, the 'moral' (the swindler couldn't operate successfully if it weren't for the complicity of both his victims and the State) tends to overwhelm any humour or narrative drive.


Release details

104 mins

Cast and crew

Miroslav Bork
Miroslav Bork, Andrzej Jarecki
Jerry Bonczak
Piotr Fronczewski
Henryk Bista
Grazyna Kruk
Maria Pakulnis
Krzysztof Zaleski
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