The Cool World


Time Out says

The Cool World was Frederick Wiseman's first involvement with cinema (he produced it) and Shirley Clarke's second feature as director/writer (after The Connection). At heart, it's a not-very-interesting melodrama about a black kid in Harlem learning the hard way that crime is no answer to social problems. But on the surface it's a very much more interesting view of day-to-day life in the ghetto, patterned as a flow of 'insignificant' incidents, variously angry, frightened and defeated characters, and all too credible pressures. Often crudely photographed, but with a brilliantly multi-layered sound-track which integrates some fine jazz.


Release details

106 mins

Cast and crew

Shirley Clarke
Shirley Clarke, Carl Lee
Hampton Clanton
Yolanda Rodriguez
Carl Lee
Gloria Foster
Bostic Felton
Jerome Raphael
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