The Cow


Time Out says

Or, 'I'm leading my cow down the hill to market again.' This spartan fable (from a story by Jan Prochazka) sees a simple Adam weather life's chequered offerings from his isolated hilltop cabin. His mother dies (just when he's sold the cow for medicine); he overcomes tormenting memories of her cavortings and shacks up with the butcher's daughter; they work hard, mostly, and save for another cow. Despite period clumsiness, the disingenuous mood is eventually established. Complexity of thought or feeling isn't on the agenda, but the film has some coherence simply as an illustration of pastoral austerity and perpetual struggle.

By: NB


Release details

86 mins

Cast and crew

Karel Kachyna
Karel Kachyna, Karel Cabrádek
Radek Holub
Alena Mihulová
Valerie Zawadská
Viktorie Knotková
Antonin Molcik
Alice Dvoraková
Zdenek Dusek
Frantisek Peterka
Vlastimil Zavrel
Vaclav Helsus
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