The Crazy Horse of Paris


Time Out says

A sort of concert film of the naughty show at the Crazy Horse Saloon in Paris, with a backstage 'story' concocted around the arrival of a repulsive hack who claims to come from the Dundee Chronicle to do a story on 'the girls'. The acts are wholesome and lifeless - on-the-spot dancing and strips which take one from next-to-nothing to absolutely nothing. The guy who runs the joint seems on the level, but a dirty-old-man note creeps into his voice when asked to describe the qualities he looks for in a prospective chorine. Out comes stuff about poitrines agressives and thighs being the pillars of temples. It's just a clean, old-fashioned peep-show, really, tedious beyond belief.


Release details

95 mins

Cast and crew

Alain Bernardin
Alain Bernardin
John Lennox
Dickie Henderson
Alain Bernardin
George Carl
Senor Wences
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