The Creeping Flesh

Film, Horror

Time Out says

Above-average horror, positively crammed with Gothic themes and put together with some care, with Freddie Francis' camera recapturing that crystal-sharp quality which he understandably abandoned for Tales from the Crypt. The sheer multiplication of ideas sometimes becomes contrived, but Cushing is right back on form as a Wilhelm Reich-like scientist who is convinced that he has detected 'the principle of evil' under the microscope. This intrinsically fascinating theme (which implies a liaison between the rational and the mystical) is never properly developed, but does give rise to good moments, especially when Cushing injects the 'evil' into his prim little daughter (Heilbron) and she is transformed into a wildly sensual image of female libido.

By: DP


Release details

91 mins

Cast and crew

Freddie Francis
Peter Spenceley, Jonathan Rumbold
Christopher Lee
Peter Cushing
Lorna Heilbron
George Benson
Kenneth J Warren
Duncan Lamont
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