The Crimson Rivers

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The Crimson Rivers

Time Out says

Commissaire Niémans (Réno) is a gruff, taciturn 'one-man vice squad', Lt Kerkerian (Cassel) a spunky smalltime cop who cadges spliffs off old car thief pals. Plotted like a clammy alpine thriller crossed with aspects of The Name of the Rose and Cliffhanger, the movie keeps them apart for an hour before bringing them together for the bare minimum of character friction. Adapted by Jean-Christophe Grangé from his own bestseller, the film pushes a heap of plot information so convoluted it effaces the characters and bores the baffled viewer. A demeaning mainstream effort from the director of La Haine.


Release details

106 mins

Cast and crew

Mathieu Kassovitz
Mathieu Kassovitz, Jean-Christophe Grangé
Didier Flamand
Francine Bergé
Nadia Farès
François Levantal
Dominique Sanda
Vincent Cassel
Karim Belkhadra
Jean-Pierre Cassel
Jean Réno
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