The Curse of the Werewolf

Film, Horror

Time Out says

The life and times of a lycanthrope down in sunny but sinister Spain, developing the story from the mutant's conception (when a beggar rapes a deaf-mute servant girl), through his early years when he causes church fonts to bubble, to his final death at the hands of a lynch mob incensed by his murders. Sex, naturally, is the catalyst that sets Reed off on his homicidal binges. More ambitious and complex than most Hammer films in its investigation of the opposing forces that rule the life of the monster (though still a drastic simplification of Guy Endore's marvellous source novel, The Werewolf of Paris), but badly lacking in dramatic tension.

By: GA


Release details

Cast and crew

Terence Fisher
John Elder Anthony Hinds
Oliver Reed
Yvonne Romain
Catherine Feller
Clifford Evans
Anthony Dawson
Richard Wordsworth
Warren Mitchell
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