The Daughter of the Puma


Time Out says

Deceptively simple, moving tale, set in the aftermath of the 1982 San Francisco massacre, of a Mexico-exiled Amero-Indian girl's search across 'the border of death' for her 'disappeared' brother (partly financed by the Danish and Swedish Save the Children fund and supported by the Nobel Peace Prize-winner Rigoberta Menchu). At its heart is the fine, almost wordless performance of Angela Cruz as the girl, the horrific re-enactment of the massacre of her village, and the finely crafted scenes of personal intimacy, as the family members attempt to live their lives torn between the irreconcilable demands of the murderous military and the guerrillas, whom the girl's brother joins.

By: WH


Release details

85 mins

Cast and crew

Ulf Hultberg, Asa Faringer
Bob Foss, Asa Faringer, Ulf Hultberg
Angela Cruz
Gerardo Taracena
Alfonso Lopez
Dolores Heredia
Elpdia Carillo
Nora Aguirre
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