The Day After Trinity

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Time Out says

Los Alamos, 1941. A boom town (literally) where some of the best and brightest minds of the age, summoned by J Robert Oppenheimer, fabricated America's first atomic bomb. In this documentary they recall how the initial win-the-war fervour, and euphoria that their contraption actually worked, faded fast when they realised they'd replaced one Final Solution with another. Awe-inspiring footage of the Bomb in action, though the film's tiresome obsession with moral anguish and reliance on anecdote, sometimes revealing but often rambling, makes the film less than explosive.

By: SJo


Release details

89 mins

Cast and crew

Jon Else
Jon Else, Janet Peoples, David Peoples
Robert Wilson
Robert Oppenheimer
Paul Frees
II Rabi
Frank Oppenheimer
Stirling Colgate
Dorothy McKibbin
Jane Wilson
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