The Death of Mario Ricci


Time Out says

A country road glimpsed through a dirty windscreen... a mangled car wreck on a garage forecourt...Volonté blowing up an inflatable coat hanger and reminding his assistant that 'it's the details that count'. And so they clearly do in Goretta's film, although quite what they add up to is never sharply defined. A crippled TV journalist (Volonté) arrives in a Swiss village to interview a specialist in world food shortages disillusioned by the non-application of his theories. But he soon becomes embroiled in a web of local intrigue resulting from the death of a young immigrant worker. Goretta counterpoints his two stories with deft assurance, letting them strike subdued ironies off one another; there are thematic strands galore here, clearly signposted but seemingly left deliberately smudged. Yet there is no shortage of delights either: fine atmospherics, immaculately fluid camerawork, and a towering performance from Volonté, sympathy and disdain flickering back and forth across those marvellously expressive features.

By: JP


Release details

101 mins

Cast and crew

Claude Goretta
Claude Goretta, Georges Haldas
Gian Maria Volonté
Magali Noël
Heinz Bennent
Mimsy Farmer
Jean-Michel Dupuis
Michel Robin
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