The Delta Force

Film, Action and adventure

Time Out says

Once more the dream machine rewrites US foreign policy; after Rambo, we now get their Delta Force. Amid all the pyrotechnics of airport hijackings, blown over stunt men, rackety chases through bazaars, all of it quite competently handled, there are a few asides of interest. Students of minimal acting techniques can compare Marvin and Norris: impassivity versus vacancy. Students of the disaster film should write a short thesis on why George Kennedy is ubiquitous. Everyone else might wonder why the film is so virulently anti-Arab. CPea.


Release details

129 mins

Cast and crew

Menahem Golan
James Bruner, Menahem Golan
Robert Vaughn
Lee Marvin
Joey Bishop
George Kennedy
Hanna Schygulla
Robert Forster
Chuck Norris
Martin Balsam
Lainie Kazan
Shelley Winters
Susan Strasberg
Bo Svenson
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