The Devil's Advocate


Time Out says

In this enjoyably daft legal thriller, fromde a novel by Andrew Neiderman, Reeves is a small time Florida defense attorney corrupted by ambition, greed and vanity. At one point, Al Pacino, impressive head of the multinational law firm that's lured him to New York with promises of fame and fortune, takes Reeves to the top of a high building, and promises to make him lord of all he surveys. But what does it profit a man to gain the whole world, if he loses his sexy girlfriend (Theron) and quaint, church-going mother? As the epitome of charismatic evil, Pacino is perversely attractive, his seductive performance making Reeves' temptation all the more believable. For his part, Keanu never quite convinces that he has the brain power necessary for exacting legal work. Tongue planted gently in his cheek, director Hackford makes his anti-materialist points without ever taking things too seriously. Regrettably, an overblown finale and redundant trick ending undercut the mild subversiveness of what's gone before.


Release details

144 mins

Cast and crew

Taylor Hackford
Jonathan Lemkin, Tony Gilroy
Keanu Reeves
Al Pacino
Charlize Theron
Jeffrey Jones
Judith Ivey
Craig T Nelson
Connie Nielsen
Tamara Tunie
Delroy Lindo
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