The Devil's Rain

Film, Horror

Time Out says

After a luxuriant Bosch credit sequence, we plunge into thirty minutes of bewildering but entertaining events that revolve around a dissolving dad, a satanic register, a protective amulet, a Mansonesque coven of dead-eyed converts led by a reincarnated witch, plus an expert in the fields of ESP and demonology. When the explanations begin (mainly a flashback to 17th century ancestors), things become heavy-handed, revealing the ragged direction, a dire script, and performances which range from the bemused (Albert) to the awful (Borgnine). Fuest butters on the special effects, which culminate in a tediously extended final splurge when almost the whole cast dissolves into a puddle of green slime.


Release details

86 mins

Cast and crew

Robert Fuest
Gabe Essoe, James Ashton, Gerald Hopman
Ernest Borgnine
Eddie Albert
Ida Lupino
William Shatner
Keenan Wynn
Tom Skerritt
Joan Prather
John Travolta
Claudio Brook
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