The Disorderly Orderly

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Some longueurs, but also wonderful gags in Tashlin's best cartoon style (ranging from Lewis helping an astonished patient to brush the teeth he isn't wearing yet, or furtively sweeping dust away under a corner of artificial lawn, to the mathematically precise demolition of a supermarket by runaway stretcher). How much you enjoy the film probably depends on the extent to which you can stomach the Lewis sentimentality, here given fulsome rein since he is not only forlornly in love but practically canonised in his desire to help suffering humanity. There is also, alas, plenty of opportunity for characteristic Lewis mugging each time his would-be doctor, afflicted with a severe case of squeamishness, meets his nemesis in the shape of a patient (the inimitable Pearce) with an inexhaustible supply of ghastly symptoms on tap.


Release details

89 mins

Cast and crew

Frank Tashlin
Frank Tashlin
Jerry Lewis
Glenda Farrell
Everett Sloane
Karen Sharpe
Kathleen Freeman
Susan Oliver
Alice Pearce
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