The Double Portrait


Time Out says

Finally beguiling experimental drama, pitched somewhere between 'film on film' and Godardian essay, exploring the concerns of aspiring actress Ewa and director Michael. The film's seductive appeal increases as it mutates from hand-held casting scenes, self-analytical script discussions and producer put-downs, and take offs into more personal and (possibly) more documentary areas, such as their visits home and, especially, their meetings with estranged father and separated son, respectively. 'I speak for myself, not my generation,' as Michael says, speaking for his generation.

By: WH


Release details

109 mins

Cast and crew

Mariusz Front
Mariusz Front, Elzbieta Piekacz
Maciej Adamczyk
Elzbieta Piekacz
Adam Baumann
Adam Bosko
Irena Front
Pawel Grzelak
Maciej Karpinski
Boguslaw Kierc
Janusz Kijowski
Halina Kopacz
Barbara Lyscarz
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