The Emigrants


Time Out says

First half of a two-film adaptation of a quartet of novels by Vilhelm Moberg: an austere, long, and picturesque recreation of the hardships which led Swedish farmers in the 1850s to leave home and travel in search of a better life in America. It's very slow, subtly acted, and if you can last the course, quite moving. Troell not only directed, but also photographed, co-scripted and edited the film, which becomes something of an assertion of human courage, determination and dignity. The second part, The New Land, deals with the pioneers' arrival and settlement in America.

By: GA


Release details

191 mins

Cast and crew

Jan Troell
Jan Troell, Bengt Forslund
Max von Sydow
Liv Ullmann
Eddie Axberg
Svenolof Bern
Aina Alfredsson
Allan Edwall
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