The Enchanted Cottage


Time Out says

Icky romantic whimsy adapted from Pinero's play about a honeymoon cottage which waves the magic wand of love to transform a pair of uglies into an ideal couple. Full of sanctimonious guff, and not made any more palatable by the glamour convention whereby Young's war wounds give him Frankensteinian facial scars (nobody thinks of plastic surgery) while McGuire's blemishes just need a touch of the hairdos to set right. Ted Tetzlaff's clean camerawork comes out of it with distinction, but Herbert Marshall (as the blind pianist who composes a tone poem to the lovers) wins the yuk of the year award.

By: TM


Release details

91 mins

Cast and crew

John Cromwell
De Witt Bodeen, Herman J Mankiewicz
Dorothy McGuire
Robert Young
Herbert Marshall
Mildred Natwick
Spring Byington
Hillary Brooke
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