The End of St Petersburg


Time Out says

Pudovkin's account of the 1917 Revolution is less celebrated than Eisenstein's October, and will be (for a while at least) than Warren Beatty's Reds. Not entirely without justification, for this is textbook cinema (the film was mapped out in advance, not with a storyboard, but with a kind of 'montage-board') which, unlike October, relies on a prototypical worker hero to embody the soul of the masses. Ironically, it's the power of the images themselves rather than the way they are edited that has kept it alive.

By: GAd


Release details

8 mins

Cast and crew

Vsevolod Pudovkin
Nathan Zarkhi
AP Chistyakov
Vera Baranovskaya
Ivan Chuvelyov
V Chuvelyov
V Obolensky
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