The Everlasting Secret Family


Time Out says

Sports day at an exclusive Australian boys' school. One of the gorgeous youths, watched by a sinister black-clad figure, is whisked off to a hotel room, divested of clothes and ravished. As he doesn't object, he's taken to a party and seduced by a Japanese gent who insists on doing things to him with a large live crab. Next he undergoes an initiation ceremony à la Knights Templar and joins 'the family', an ancient sex ring which wreaks terrible punishment on those who blab. From then on, it's a confused tale of the boy's attempt to flee, his search for eternal youth, and his burgeoning relationship with his master's son, with lots of male nudity and some fairly explicit sex. All the gay characters are 'elderly pervert' stereotypes, cruel, calculating and vampirish. Yet, for a film that takes so rigidly homophobic a stance, an awful lot of time is spent dwelling on youthful tanned muscles and taut buttocks. Revolting, ludicrous, infuriating and often (blush) very erotic, it's about nothing but self-hatred.

By: RS


Release details

93 mins

Cast and crew

Michael Thornhill
Frank Moorhouse
Arthur Dignam
Mark Lee
Heather Mitchell
Dennis Miller
Paul Goddard
Beth Child
John Clayton
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