The Ewok Adventure

Film, Family and kids

Time Out says

Ewoks (first seen in Return of the Jedi) have lifeless eyes, nuclear families, short fuses, clean bums, hang-gliders, priestesses, wise men and rhythm. They look like short, furry Colin Wellands, and sound like David Rappaport clearing his throat in a subway. They live on Endor, which is like California with rocky bits painted in front of the lens. The caravan is a vehicle for a kiddy-quest for lost parents - young, curly-top cutie and big, bolshie brother coming to terms with his inner obnoxiousness via confrontation with alien culture. Short on action by Lucasfilm standards, stuffed with toothy teddies which lack the charm of Phase One Gremlins, or the wit of any muppet... I blame Thatcher.


Release details

100 mins

Cast and crew

John Korty
Bob Carrau
Eric Walker
Warwick Davis
Fionnula Flanagan
Guy Boyd
Aubree Miller
Dan Frishman
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