The Fall of the Roman Empire

Film, Drama

Time Out says

Though lacking the mythic clarity of El Cid - Mann's other epic for Samuel Bronston - this is a superior example of the genre. Deserting the usual conflict of Christians and Romans, the story moves to a later era and charts the intrigues surrounding the Imperial throne, held by Marcus Aurelius and coveted by the corrupt Commodus, that led to the Romans' downfall at the hands of the Barbarians. Largely accurate in historical terms, thanks to a wordy but intelligent script by Philip Yordan (a master of the epic style), it is surprisingly restrained, both in terms of action and acting. But the atmosphere is consistently convincing: darkness holds sway on the fringes of the Empire, where the armies are struggling to repel the invading hordes, while Rome is presented as a magnificent but decadent monument to the unimaginative pragmatism of the Roman mind. Terrific sets, a stirring score by Dimitri Tiomkin and the overall quality of the production values manage to counteract the film's excessive length.

By: GA


Release details

187 mins

Cast and crew

Anthony Mann
Ben Barzman, Basilio Franchina, Philip Yordan
Sophia Loren
Stephen Boyd
James Mason
Christopher Plummer
Alec Guinness
Anthony Quayle
John Ireland
Mel Ferrer
Omar Sharif
Eric Porter
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