The Favour, the Watch and the Very Big Fish

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Louis (Hoskins) earns his crust photographing devotional pictures in Paris, but his tyrannical boss (Blanc) has threatened the sack unless he can find the perfect model for Christ. All appears lost until he meets actress Sybil (Richardson), who sweeps him off his feet and straight into her muddled life: she's traumatised by an abortive affair with a grumpy pianist (Goldblum), who attempted to set fire to the last rival for her affections. Now released from prison, he's a changed man - morose, vengeful, and a dead ringer for Christ. Based on a Marcel Aymé short story, this 'surreal romantic comedy' stretches its ideas too far. Writer-director Lewin heightens language and gesture until the central relationship is rendered absurd; Goldblum broods menacingly and deludes himself that he really is Christ. The effect is dislocating.

By: CM


Release details

89 mins

Cast and crew

Ben Lewin
Ben Lewin
Bob Hoskins
Jeff Goldblum
Natasha Richardson
Michel Blanc
Jacques Villeret
Angela Pleasence
Jean-Pierre Cassel
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