The Final Conflict

Film, Horror

Time Out says

The third part of The Omen trilogy is contrived as a series of set pieces whose point is the grisliest possible end for the Antichrist's victims. Damien is now head of the world's largest multi-national corporation, a powerful and charismatic man in his early thirties, and the eventual corpses are a band of seven Italian monks armed with sacred daggers, out to stop Damien from preventing the Second Coming (by slaughtering all first-born males). If these elements make it a suitable entrant in the cinema's long blood sports lists, it must be said that the non-delivery of Satan's promised reign is something of a let-down. Still, it does mark a return of sorts to the stylishness of The Omen after the tackiness of Damien - Omen II.


Release details

108 mins

Cast and crew

Graham Baker
Andrew Birkin
Sam Neill
Rossano Brazzi
Don Gordon
Lisa Harrow
Barnaby Holm
Mason Adams
Robert Arden
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