The Fluffer


Time Out says

A fluffer is primarily an ego reinforcer, the provider of stimulation before a porn shoot. It's a role new kid in LA Sean McGinnis (Cunio) finds himself occupying when a mistaken video rental ('Citizen Cum') kick-starts his obsession with the film's star, 'gay for pay' Johnny Rebel (Gurney). Securing work as a cameraman at the films production company, Men of Janus, he's soon on his knees before the man, but watches powerless as Johnny, blind to all needs except his own and shaken by his lapdancer girlfriend's pregnancy, proceeds to lose the plot bigtime. Fortunately, the film doesn't, offering a surprisingly coy, occasionally parodic, but knowing take on a world where innocence, addiction and destruction all come into play. Beneath the surface there's a fair slice of Queer Theory at work and the overall intention is certainly serious minded, but as a modest riff on insecurity, longing and the patina of celebrity, this delivers enjoyably enough. A light touch keeps it pacy and with a Debbie Harry cameo and Buzzcocks on the soundtrack, it's got a fair shot in the cult stakes as well.

By: GE


Release details

94 mins

Cast and crew

Richard Glatzer, Wash West
Wash West
Scott Gurney
Michael Cunio
Roxanne Day
Taylor Negron
Richard Riehle
Tim Bagley
Adina Porter
Ruben Madera
Josh Holland
Deborah Harry
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