The Flyer

Film, Action and adventure

Time Out says

Here’s another example of how far South African filmmaking has progressed since the shackles of Apartheid were removed. ‘The Flyer’ plays like ‘Billy Elliott’ with ballet substituted for trapeze artistry. As rough-sleeping kids, Kieren and his domineering brother Spies have no choice but to thieve for a living. But a chance encounter with a trapeze trainer sets Kieren on a different course… A typical tale of triumph over adversity, ‘The Flyer’ has a sloppy moment or two, but in the main this is promising stuff from first-timer Fox. It’s tense, engaging and ultimately uplifting. And the younger actors who play Kieren and Spies as kids are a real find.



Release details

91 mins

Cast and crew

Revel Fox
Revel Fox, Philip Roberts
Marcel Van Heerden
Ian van der Heyden
Jarrid Geduld
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