The Food of the Gods

Film, Horror

Time Out says

Gordon's reworking of his Village of the Giants (1965), replacing the giant teenagers with amazing colossal chickens, wasps and (especially) rats, all of whom have gorged themselves on a vile fluid found bubbling on the ground near Lupino's farm and put into bottles helpfully labelled FOTG. It's a piece of low-budget rubbish (based on a portion of HG Wells' 1904 fantasy) featuring all the genre's well-loved ingredients: a frightful script, variable special effects, and a weird bunch of actors who manage to look just a little less ludicrous than the giant rats. Unfortunately, the film's attractions pall about half way through: Gordon can't muster the lunatic verve necessary to bind things together, and one marauding rodent soon begins to look like any other, no matter what its size.

By: GB


Release details

88 mins

Cast and crew

Bert I Gordon
Bert I Gordon
Marjoe Gortner
Pamela Franklin
Ralph Meeker
Ida Lupino
Jon Cypher
Tom Stovall
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