The Getaway

Film, Thrillers

Time Out says

An evident precursor to The Driver (Walter Hill scripted both, this one from Jim Thompson's novel). The major strength of The Getaway rests solidly on McQueen's central role, a cold tense core of pragmatic violence. Hounded by furies (two mobs, police, a hostile landscape), he responds with a lethal control, blasting his way through shootouts that teeter on madness to the loot, the girl, and Peckinpah's mythic land of Mexico. Survival, purification, and the attainment of grace are achieved only by an extreme commitment to the Peckinpah existential ideal of action - a man is what he does. Peckinpah's own control of the escalating frenzy is masterly; this is one of his coldest films, but a great thriller. CPea.

By: CPea


Release details

122 mins

Cast and crew

Sam Peckinpah
Walter Hill
Ben Johnson
Richard Bright
Bo Hopkins
Al Lettieri
Dub Taylor
Sally Struthers
Ali MacGraw
Slim Pickens
Steve McQueen
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