The Ghost Camera


Time Out says

A rough and ready little comic mystery, from a story by J Jefferson Farjeon, about a chemist who finds a camera in the backseat of his car, develops the film and smells a murder, with John Mills as the ultra innocent suspect of shifty detective Merritt. This 'quota quickie' was made by Vorhaus at Twickenham for Julius Hagen; and, aside from the David Lean editing credit, is chiefly of interest for the upper-class innocence and what now seems the utterly extraordinary accent and delivery of Henry Kendall, as the chemist.


Release details

64 mins

Cast and crew

Bernhard Vorhaus
H Fowler Mear
Henry Kendall
Ida Lupino
S Victor Stanley
George Merritt
Felix Aylmer
Fred Groves
John Mills
Davina Craig
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