The Go-Between

Filme, Cinema, Drama, Romance, O Mensageiro (1971)
©DR O Mensageiro de Joseph Losey

Time Out says

Losey's adaptation of LP Hartley's novel is one of his more impressive later works. Together with screenwriter Harold Pinter, he creates another of his depictions of the destructive side of the English class system, as a love affair between the daughter of an affluent country family and a local farmer is tragically thwarted by prejudice and convention. Seen through the eyes of a young boy who acts as the instrument for the couple's assignations, the affair becomes the nexus for all the repression and unspoken manipulations brewing under the polite facade of an apparently civilised society; battle becomes personal on the cricket field, and the chink of teacups hides vicious whispers and plotting. It occasionally becomes a bit too precious, especially with the inserts of the grown-up go-between visiting his past haunts, but it's strong on atmosphere (the Norfolk locations are beautifully shot by Gerry Fisher), performance and moral nuance.

By: GA


Release details

116 mins

Cast and crew

Joseph Losey
Harold Pinter
Julie Christie
Alan Bates
Dominic Guard
Margaret Leighton
Michael Redgrave
Michael Gough
Edward Fox
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