The Gods Must Be Crazy II

Film, Action and adventure

Time Out says

Mindless, immature, slapstick twaddle. Clearly aimed at under-fives, it follows the plight of several unconnected folk, all running about the vast Kalahari veldt like headless chickens: Bushman Xixo (N!Xau) has lost his two offspring on the back of a poacher's lorry; New York City lawyer Ann Taylor (Farugia), in Africa to front a conference, crashes on an airborne sightseeing trip and meets up with Tom Selleck-lookalike Dr Marshall (Strydom), who does his darndest to impress the city waif with his bushwhacking skills; and a couple of armed guerillas with noting better to do than spend most of their time arresting each other. As with its predecessor, the Pathé-style 'gee, aren't these natives cute' narrative mingles speeded-up Keystone capers, a never-ending supply of mechanically-operated wildlife, and some of the naffest aerial SFX you're ever likely to see.


Release details

98 mins

Cast and crew

Jamie Uys
Jamie Uys
Lena Farugia
Hans Strydom
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