The Governess

Film, Action and adventure

Time Out says

The 1840s. After the murder of her father, Rosina (Driver) sheds her Jewish identity and arrives on a Scottish island to work as a governess. Her charge's father, Charles (Wilkinson), is obsessed with the secrets of photography. Rosina is fascinated and soon the pair are entwined. Writer/director Goldbacher knows how to create atmosphere - the early London scenes have a musty, sensual sweetness straight out of Daniel Deronda. The edgy camera alerts us to potential fracture: even before the father's double life is exposed, we know something's amiss. When the action moves to Scotland, however, doubts begin to creep in - a voyage of female self-discovery set by the bleak sea? Surely The Piano and Breaking the Waves have been there, done that. Nevertheless, the script keeps you intrigued and the use of photography as a metaphor for emotional 'preservation' is delicately done. Driver is full of hoity-toity charisma. Luckily, however, Wilkinson's wonderfully quiet performance doesn't go to waste.


Release details

114 mins

Cast and crew

Sandra Goldbacher
Sandra Goldbacher
Minnie Driver
Tom Wilkinson
Harriet Walter
Florence Hoath
Bruce Myers
Jonathan Rhys Meyers
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