The Grapes of Wrath


Time Out says

This classic Ford film eclipses much of the action of John Steinbeck's well-known novel of the Oklahoma farmers' migration from the dustbowl to the California Eden during the Depression years. The Okies were unwelcome in California, of course; they threatened the jobs of the locals. The brutal police hassled and harassed them unmercifully. The migrants formed unions in self-defence and struck for decent fruit-picking wages. This inevitably multiplied the official violence. Ford's film, shot by Gregg Toland with magnificent, lyrical simplicity, captures the stark plainness of the migrants, stripped to a few possessions, left with innumerable relations and little hope.


Release details

129 mins

Cast and crew

John Ford
Nunnally Johnson
Henry Fonda
Jane Darwell
John Carradine
Russell Simpson
Charley Grapewin
Dorris Bowden
John Qualen
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