The Grass Is Always Greener


Time Out says

Klier's dour black-and-white feature stars Baka (from Kieslowski's Short Film About Killing) as the gentle but alienated youth who tires of the futility of his eked-out existence in depressed Poland - changing money, fencing cheap stolen goods - and hotfoots it to Berlin while he prepares his emigration plans for the US. The film scores in its documentary-style comparative tour around the low dives and low-lives of the marginals and petty criminals found in the dead-end parts of Warsaw and West Berlin, but suffers overly from miserabilism, muted performances, and the lack of an overall organising perspective.


Release details

79 mins

Cast and crew

Michael Klier
Michael Klier, Gustav Barwicki
Miroslaw Baka
Marta Klubowicz
Michael Krause
Josef Zebrowski
Anna Pastewka
Anja Klein
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