The Green Berets

Film, Drama

Time Out says

The Duke tells it like it was in Vietnam froma hawk's eye view, with the Vietcong spending their time setting fiendish booby-traps, while he and his gallant men defend the peace-loving, victimised peasantry. A war correspondent (Janssen) starts by expressing mild doubts about the situation, but grabs a rifle when he sees how it is. What offends about the film, even more than its flag-waving one-sidedness, is that it is such a ponderously silly, tear-jerking melodrama. Every cliché is given a whirl, even the Vietnamese orphan lurking about the camp as a cute mascot. At the end, when his favourite Yank is killed in action, Wayne leads the kid comfortingly off into the sunset (honest he does) saying 'You're what this is all about'.

By: TM


Release details

141 mins

Cast and crew

John Wayne, Ray Kellogg
James Lee Barrett
John Wayne
David Janssen
Jim Hutton
Aldo Ray
Raymond St Jacques
Jack Soo
Bruce Cabot
Patrick Wayne
Luke Askew
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