The Hard Way

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Action-man actor Nick Lang (Fox), tired of cartoon characters (his latest is 'Smoking Gunn II') wants to land the part of a gritty New York homicide detective, so his agent fixes up some real-life experience with John Moss (Woods). But this reluctant 'Yoda among cops' has no intention of babysitting, and continues his search for a dangerous killer, all the while dragging the movie star through his chaotic and dangerous life. This light, bright comedy counterbalances Hollywood convention with some very funny swipes at the film industry. A breathtaking opening chase sequence gives way to a gloriously playful, carping exchange between Lang and his agent (Marshall) as they review the current state of Hollywood, ranging from the success of Henry V ('It won awards for that little Scottish fellow') to the unstoppable career of Mel Gibson. Badham handles the numerous action sequences with confidence, but the real enjoyment comes from the interplay between the two leads, who revel in the opportunity to send up their images. The ever-amazing Woods recalls Cop during speeches about his life, and Fox's 'dickless Tracy' tries to debunk nice-guy McFly.

By: CM


Release details

111 mins

Cast and crew

John Badham
Daniel Pyne, Lem Dobbs
Michael J Fox
James Woods
Stephen Lang
Annabella Sciorra
Delroy Lindo
Luis Guzmán
Mary Mara
Christina Ricci
Penny Marshall
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