The Heartbreakers


Time Out says

It's 1964, and bitten by the Beatle bug from Berlin to Bavaria, kids are buying guitars, forming groups with English names, and setting out to emulate the Fab Four. One such band is Die Heartbreakers: four pimply individuals, their pint-sized impresario and chanteuse excluded on the grounds that Mick Jagger would never have shared the stage with a girl. Bringmann tells their story with droll humour, drawing unforced performances from his cast of young unknowns, and playing the gigs and gags out against interesting locations. A likeable, unassuming movie whose very passable renditions of '60s classics will bring a glow of nostalgia to anyone who was there, and perhaps a flash of pleasurable surprise to those too young to remember.

By: SJo


Release details

114 mins

Cast and crew

Peter F Bringmann
Matthias Seelig
Sascha Disselkamp
Mary Ketikidou
Uwe Enkelmann
Michael Klein
Mark Eichenseher
Hartmut Isselhorst
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